Vegetable patch liberation!

Yesterday, I took the rest of the beetroots and carrots out of the vegetable patch.

I’ve had it fenced off since spring and our newer girls (Chicken 22, Bunty and V8) have never been in there.

Last autumn, our other girls had a great time digging it over for worms and rolling in the compost. Hen heaven.

So, today, just before I let them out, I took the fence down so the girls could go and have some fun.

Here is Bunty in the courgette plant….. she’s managed to squeeze in here a couple of times, but this is her first legal outing into the veg patch.

Her is Chicken 22 in her classic ‘petrified’ pose.

She is named after Chicken 11 who had the exact same look about her!

Here is Chicken 22 in the same place and pose, but Ginger is stood in front of her now…. she is a funny girl.

She did eventually relax!

Here is 22 (hiding behind a leaf in the top left corner), Bunty, Terri 2, Turbo and Ginger all having fun in the vegetable patch.

Ok, so 22 is still hiding in the top left corner, Terri 2 is next to her, then V8 and Bunty together in the middle and then Ginger’s bottom in the bottom left corner.

I’m convinced there are still some carrots in the ground, so I’m hoping the girls will dig them up for me….

They are wonderful rotivators and they also fertilize the ground as they go!

Some sunflowers crept into the veg patch this year…. they were huge! I’m convinced that it was due to hen poo.



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I love to be active! I love to spend time with my son and husband. I'm self-employed and work whilst my son is at school and weekends when my husband is home. I enjoy drawing but don't have much time for it at the moment. I also enjoy cooking, baking and gardening. I'm on Twitter @pinwingirl if you want to find out more.
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